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What Is The Leakage Of The Safety Valve Body Joint Surface?
Dec 13, 2018

What is the leakage of the safety valve body joint surface?

Leakage of the valve surface of the safety valve refers to the leakage at the joint surface between the upper and lower valve bodies. The main causes of such leakage are as follows: First, the bolt tightening force of the joint surface is insufficient or tight, resulting in the joint surface. The seal is not good.

The elimination method is to adjust the tightening force of the bolt. When tightening the bolt, it must be carried out in a diagonal manner. It is better to measure the gaps at the tight side, tighten the bolt until it is tight, and make the joint surface Consistent.

Second, the toothed gasket of the valve body joint surface does not meet the standard. For example, the toothed seal has a slight groove in the radial direction, and the parallelism is poor, and the tooth shape is too sharp or over-slope to cause the seal to fail. Thereby, the valve body joint surface leaks. The quality of the spare parts is checked during maintenance, and this phenomenon can be avoided by using a standard toothed gasket.

Third, the flatness of the valve body joint surface is too poor or the hard impurities are padded to cause the seal to fail. The leakage of the valve body joint surface due to the poor flatness of the valve body joint surface is eliminated by disassembling the valve and re-grinding the joint surface until the quality standard is met. If the seal is ineffective due to the impurity being trapped, carefully clean the joint surface during the assembly of the valve to avoid impurities falling in.