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What Are The Forms Of The Spring Type Safety Valve?
Dec 08, 2018

What are the forms of the spring type safety valve?

The spring-type safety valve locks the valve or the valve such as the plunger by the elastic pressure of the spring. Once the pressure generated by the pressure vessel is abnormal, the high pressure will overcome the spring pressure of the safety valve, so the locking device is opened and formed. A pressure relief channel that vents high pressure.

Spring-type safety valves are divided into structural forms, which are divided into vertical hammer type, lever type, spring type and pilot type (pulse type).

According to the structure of the valve body, it can be divided into closed type and non-closed type. Enclosed safety valves, ie, excluded media, are not leaked and are all discharged along the outlet to a designated location, typically used in toxic and corrosive media.

For safety valves for air and steam, non-closed safety valves are often used. The selection of safety valve products should be determined according to the actual sealing pressure.

For spring-loaded safety valves, springs with several working pressure levels within a nominal pressure (PN) range. In addition to the safety valve type, name, medium and temperature, the valve body sealing pressure should be noted. Otherwise, it is supplied at the maximum sealing pressure.