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Safety Valve Purchase, Safety First
Dec 03, 2018

Safety valve purchase, safety first

Safety valves, as the name implies, safety is very important. It is different from other valves. Generally, the valve only plays a role of switching, but the safety valve not only has to function as a switch, but more importantly, its built-in spring piece is used to take off and pressure under the pressure of the equipment, otherwise the equipment will be in danger of explosion. .

Safety valves are commonly used in pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels, etc., and other valves are usually installed in front of the equipment.

Nowadays, the market for safety valves is also very chaotic. Many pump and valve companies have sales of agent safety valves, and there are not many enterprises that are qualified to produce safety valves (TS certification). More and more workshop-style enterprises are taking risks and starting. The production and processing of safety valves, testing equipment can not meet the national standard of the valve, there is a big market worry. In addition to quality, informal manufacturers in order to cut corners, the weight of the valve body often does not meet the standard requirements, such as A28X-16T DN25 copper safety valve, the weight of the valve body under 1.6MPa nominal pressure environment should not be less than 1 kg However, there are many safety valves in the market that are below this standard. The problem of the wall thickness of the safety valve is not large under normal conditions. Once the pressure of the equipment is too high, the valve may burst.

The safety valve work depends on the sensitivity of the built-in spring. The quality of the spring material also has a great correlation. The poor quality of the spring can easily cause the pressure inside the device to reach the set value. The spring can not jump when jumping, so the equipment may also have the danger of explosion. . The take-off pressure value of the safety valve is generally lower than the design time. When the safety valve is in working condition, the spring jumps once to calculate the accident risk (although it does not cause the equipment to explode). The purpose of this is also for the safety of the equipment. .

In summary, when buying a safety valve, you can't just look at the price, you can't just look at the appearance of the valve. Some of the valve paints are smooth and sleek, but the inside is ruined. Of course, purchase safety valve 1 to look at the appearance, 2 look at the quality, do not see these when ordering, must allow manufacturers to provide qualification certificates, such as "special equipment manufacturing license", "business license", must pay attention to quality terms when signing the contract, security The warranty period specified by the valve country is one year. Any accident caused by quality problems must be borne by the manufacturer.