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Safety Valve Dynamic Stability
Nov 23, 2017

In the work, we all require safety and stability while improving efficiency, safety valve is no exception Oh, now we learn the dynamic stability of the safety valve bar!

The dynamic instability of the safety valve is mainly caused by the following reasons: the discharge capacity of the safety valve is more than the flow of the medium into the safety valve; the spring is just too big; when the valve opens, there is a large back pressure in the upper chamber of the valve and the dynamic interference of the outside

Emission impact

When the following occurs, the safety valve emission capacity may exceed the medium flow into the valve:

1. when the cross sectional area of the safety valve is larger than the required cross sectional area:

2. when the safety valve is installed on the system with varying emergency capacity:

3. when the cross-sectional area of the imported pipeline is not enough, etc.

Two. Influence of spring stiffness

Spring stiffness can also be cause the valve vibration. The safety valve can achieve full open emission depends on the medium recoil, but spring stiffness is too large, this force can not reach the height of households spring force set to open, so the safety valve can not achieve the full amount of emissions, it will just open a safety valve in the back seat, forming a small stiffness oscillation. If so, then the safety valve will be in a very low pressure to the back seat.

In order to eliminate this phenomenon, it should be installed with the design of the spring, or in the design time should be more practical several groups of springs for testing, through the test to determine the most appropriate spring

Three. Influence of system back pressure:

The same effect caused by the spring stiffness is similar to that of the top of the valve body cavity in the valve opens the valve back pressure may also cause oscillation. In order to avoid the pressure for the open safety valve is to the top of the valve body cavity communicated with the air by opening the valve body. The valve closed that can be the top of the valve body and valve outlet pipe or outlet connected to the top of the valve to reduce pressure by suction effect generated by the.