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Pilot-operated Safety Valve Is Composed Of What Body It
Nov 23, 2017

Pilot type safety valve by the pilot valve to the main valve safety relief function and the required pressure to control the main valve open or closed, with the main valve seat is fixed on the main body of the valve on the main valve, the main valve seat is arranged on the main valve sealing surface of the valve seat, the main valve valve main valve valve sealing surface on the valve seat sealing surface and the main contact can be formed with protection system connected to protect the main valve cavity, a pressure chamber can strengthen the sealing force between the main valve valve and main valve seat in the valve clack.

Pilot type safety valve is characterized in that is provided with the sealing surface of the valve core and with export export import with the dense Yue import valve, the valve core and the valve core is positioned on one side of export import to pilot cavity all contact end, a leading spring on one side in contact with the back end of the valve core are derived, the other end is provided with a regulating spring guide device for adjusting the height of the spring pilot work, in contact with the end of the spool side effects into the back with the spring, with the spring stiffness of the spring stiffness is less than the pilot.

Pilot type safety valve with pilot valve into the relatively fixed axial position of the sealing surface and sealing surface derived pilot valve, pilot valve pilot valve cavity is introduced into the sealed surface and the sealing surface of the pilot valve are divided into three cavity section, which is located between the two sealing surface for the pilot in the pilot valve into the cavity, sealing non pilot chamber side to protect the cavity, pilot valve sealing surface is derived for non pilot chamber side of the discharge chamber, the pilot pilot cavity section is provided with a fluid channel can be connected with the main valve pressure chamber communicated with the outlet, the discharge chamber is communicated with the main valve to discharge fluid entrance, protection the cavity can be connected with the main valve fluid channel or protected system connected with the protection cavity section.