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Improve The Life Of The Valve Method
Nov 23, 2017

Experience in valve design or use, lifting the valve packing for packing or graphite asbestos packing or PTFE V type packing, but these types of fillers have been opening and closing the valve limits the number is increased with the valve opening and closing times, packing will wear, the gap increased, to a certain number of times (according to statistics will not exceed 2000 time) the valve will leak from the padding generated. After leaking, it needs to press the packing gland tightly. This scheme is suitable for occasions where valve opening and closing times are few.

If the number of valve opening and closing frequently, (such as opening and closing 10-30 times a year), which will undoubtedly increase the use and maintenance costs of the valve.

Is there a design that can still be sealed after opening and closing valves 100-200 or more times? The answer is yes.  One way is to add a washer under the filler, add a spring under the washer (the preload of the spring needs to be calculated), when the filler is worn, because of the role of the spring, it will re compress the packing, make it sealed. This method is currently through the use of inspection, can only open and close 50-100 times without leakage, the need for the use of the party in the annual overhaul, re compaction packing gland, can only reduce the usual maintenance. Another method is to select hydraulic and pneumatic sealing technology, change the original valve design ideas, use the sealing ring of the cylinder in the packing, increase the type 0 seal ring (need to calculate friction, seal specific pressure, can determine the number of slip ring and 0 type seal ring). This method can be used to open and close 2 million times without leakage, but the type 0 sealing ring aging, the use of time is only 5 years, while the cost is higher.