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Four Main Points And Precautions For Safety Valve Setting
Dec 24, 2018

Four main points and precautions for safety valve setting

Pay attention to the following points when setting up the safety valve:

(1) When there are gas and liquid two-phase materials in the container, the safety valve should be installed in the gas phase.

(2) When the safety valve is used to vent flammable liquid, the outlet of the safety valve shall be connected to the accident storage tank. When the vented material is high temperature combustibles, the receiving container should have corresponding protective facilities.

(3) The general safety valve can be emptied on the spot, and the vent should be higher than the operator's position of 1 m (m) or more, and should not be directed to the open fire location, sparking place and high temperature equipment within 15 m (m). The safety valve vents of indoor equipment and containers shall be led out of the roof and raised more than 2 m (m) above the roof.

(4) When the safety valve inlet has a block valve, the block valve should be in a normally open state and sealed to avoid errors.