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Discussion On The Development Of Yongjia Valve
Nov 22, 2018

Discussion on the development of Yongjia valve

Ge Chenxin (Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd 325105)

First, the valve overview

Valve is a kind of mechanical product widely used in national economic construction. It is an important control component of pressure pipeline. It needs a large number of valve products in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, natural gas transmission, power station, urban water supply and other fields.

The valve opening and closing mode is divided into an automatic valve and a driving valve. Automatic valves (such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, steam traps, check valves, etc.) are opened and closed by the medium pressure change of the device or the pipe itself. The driving valve (such as gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.) is opened and closed by the driving device (such as manual, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.). Due to the different pressure, temperature, physical and chemical properties of the medium, the use, installation and flow of the drive control system are different. There are many types and specifications of valves. According to incomplete statistics, the number of valve products in China has reached more than 4,000. Model, nearly 40,000 specifications. With the emergence of new process flow and computer control requirements, with the application of modern valve technology, the variety and specifications of valves are constantly increasing.

The valve products are classified into high-grade products, mid-range products and low-end products. High-grade products (such as high temperature and high pressure supercritical valves, nuclear power plant valves, ultra low carbon duplex stainless steel valves, automatic control valves, etc.), high-grade valves for its structural design, new materials, new process applications, manufacturing test equipment configuration, quality process control There are strict requirements, the market share of such valves is about 15%, and the current high-end valves basically rely on imports. Mid-range valves (such as industrial cast steel, forged steel, stainless steel gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, safety valves, regulating valves, steam traps, etc.), mid-range valves are large-volume products, using media For gas, steam, oil (liquid), etc., all kinds of mid-range valves account for about 60% of the total valve demand. Low-grade valves (such as construction civil cast iron gate valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves, etc.), the use of medium for water, low-end valves in recent years, overcapacity, product upgrade space is small, such valves account for 25% of the market share %about.

Second, the development trend of valves at home and abroad

1, domestic valve

1.1, technical analysis

With the process of reform and opening up, the technological innovation of China's valve industry in recent years has come from the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced technologies. Petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industries are introducing foreign technology and complete sets of equipment, which are equipped with a large number of foreign valve products, such as high temperature and high pressure power station valves, large diameter ball valves, high performance safety valves and high torque electric devices. Wait. According to the level before the introduction, domestic valve manufacturers do not have the technology to design and produce these products, and the climax of the technological revolution in the valve industry has emerged since then. Since the introduction of the product itself is required by domestic users, it is also a shortage of products in China, thus promoting the pace of introducing technology and digesting and absorbing the valve industry. The introduction of technology has promoted technological advancement in the valve industry. Among the large-scale complete sets of equipment imported from abroad, except for a few, imported valves still need foreign support. Most of the valve products can be produced by domestic manufacturers, and the localization rate is over 90%. The introduction of foreign products and technologies has helped the domestic valve technology and foreign valve levels to shorten the gap of several decades. At present, domestic valve technology belongs to the level of foreign countries in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

1.2, regional layout

Domestic valve production bases are mainly concentrated in Sunan, Wenzhou, Zhengzhou, Quanzhou and other regions. Sunan uses its geographical advantages and policy advantages close to Shanghai, as well as the advantages of state-owned large-scale valve enterprises such as Su Valve and Twisted Weir. Most of them are concentrated in southern Jiangsu, and a large number of foreign valve companies have settled in Sunan. At present, the South Jiangsu valve production base has the highest gold content in China. Wenzhou valves start early, have the same variety, excellent price and high degree of specialization. They are favored by valve users and dealers. At present, they mainly concentrate on producing mid-range valves. Zhengzhou, Quanzhou and other valve production bases, taking advantage of the traditional advantages of water valves and civil water heaters, occupy the market share of low-end valves.

2, foreign valve advantage

    The advantages of foreign valves are mainly advanced technology, and there are many foreign valve research institutes, generally belonging to the company. For example, Rockwell has a very complete research and testing base, which can be used for hot, dynamic, wear-resistant, earthquake-resistant, fireproof and Reliability testing in many aspects. Foreign scientific research institutes have invested heavily in scientific research and development. It is understood that the investment of well-known valve companies is more than 10% of the output value, and they have been fully implemented and evaluated from the use of personnel and funds.

In recent years, foreign valves have developed into large-scale complete sets of equipment, and a series of new complete sets of equipment and products have appeared. The matching valves are also characterized by large-scale, high-parameter, automatic and complete sets. The basic parameters of the valves have also been greatly improved. For example, the maximum diameter of the gate valve is 4.2 meters, the temperature reaches 1050 ° C, the pressure reaches 150 MPa; the maximum diameter of the ball valve is 3.05 m, the temperature reaches 1200 ° C, and the pressure reaches 70 MPa. And new series are still increasing, such as emergency shut-off valves, quick shut-off valves, fire dampers and water-cooled valves.

The foreign valves have many varieties, good performance, reliable sealing and long service life. For example, the ball valve switch can reach more than 100,000 times without leakage; the cast iron gate valve switch is reliable for 30,000 times; the safety valve product warranty book dares to indicate: "My product quality is not doubtful, there are quality problems to find you use reason", they are themselves The product is so confident.

Third, Yongjia valve

1. History of the development of Yongjia Valve

     I divided Yongjia Valve into a start-up period in the 1970s, an opportunity period in the 1980s, a development period in the 1990s, a scale in the 2000s, and a resurgence period today.

     In the early 1970s, national resources were generally scarce, and sellers could not find sellers in China. Valves became tight sales. At the time, Yongjia’s capable person from the dock captured this information and brought back the old valve for the boiler level gauge. He entrusted the factory of Jiangbei Agricultural Machinery Factory and Hongsheng Agricultural Machinery Factory with certain simple processing capacity, because the raw materials of the valve product. It can be directly forged, the product structure is relatively simple, basically meet the conditions of counterfeiting at that time, and soon the product is recognized by the market, and the business is not bad. At that time, the factory doing simple agricultural machinery can make money by copying the counterfeit valve, and gradually expand the valve variety and production. The scale, so the valve started in Yongjia.

In the 1980s, Yongjia was still a poverty-stricken county. The provincial government imposed a cap on Yongjia, and the Provincial Machinery Department acted as a counterpart poverty alleviation agency. At that time, the Provincial Machinery Department appointed Zhang Fusheng (later appointed a total of 4 deputy magistrates) as the deputy magistrate of Yongjia Science and Technology. Zhang deputy magistrate used the advantages of the Provincial Machinery Department to request the "Hangzhou Valve Factory" and "Lin'an Valve Factory" project. The technicians improved the quality of the Yongjia valve industry. At that time, I remember that the engineers of Hangzhou Valve Factory visited dozens of valve manufacturers in Yongjia and could not find a standard valve drawing, let alone technical and quality. Under such weak conditions, the Provincial Machinery Department, the Yongjia County Government, the County Standards and Metrology Bureau and other departments have supported the three enterprises of Luofu Valve, Baoyi Valve and County Valve Development Plant to receive the “National Industrial Product (Valve) Production License. The certificate, Yongjia valve ushered in the opportunity of development.

In the 1990s, Yongjia Valve has more and more contacts with the outside world. Domestic valve research institutions and state-owned valve manufacturers have close contact with Yongjia valve enterprises, which has also promoted the improvement of quality management, marketing, product technology and quality of Yongjia valve enterprises. The popularity of Yongjia Valve has spread throughout the country, and more and more merchants have come to Yongjia to purchase valves. In particular, Fujian merchants have become the main sales force of Yongjia Valve. At the same time, it has become the three valve trading markets of Jiangbei Valve Street, Zhaozhai Valve Street and Longqiao Valve Street. Yongjia valve industry has ushered in a period of rapid development.

In the 2000s, Yongjia valve manufacturing enterprises registered more than 800 industrial and commercial enterprises, with an output value of nearly 20 billion yuan. The valve industry became the first of the five pillar industries of Yongjia. At the same time, the county government planned the Sanqiao Industrial Park and the Dongpu Industrial Park. A large number of valve-scale enterprises, Yongjia valve product advantages have been further established in the country, the state granted Yongjia County as a "pump valve production base", Yongjia valve has a place in the country.

After 2012, with the adjustment of the national macro-economy, the formation of valve production bases in other parts of China, Yongjia is restricted by land constraints and other factors, the development advantages of Yongjia Valve are no longer obvious, how to create the glory of Yongjia Valve and become the Yongjia County Government and A dream of Yongjia valve company!

2, Yongjia valve advantage

   After more than 40 years of development, Yongjia Valve has formed a solid foundation, especially in production scale, variety professional, complete supporting, low manufacturing cost, large talent, and a national-level valve inspection center. The company's valve enterprises have entered the national large-scale procurement network platform of Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC. More than a dozen people have been employed by the National Valve Standards Committee, and more than 30 valve manufacturers have output value exceeding 100 million yuan. In 2016, the total output value of Yongjia Valve exceeded 29.56 billion yuan. It is over 1.28 billion yuan, which is difficult to obtain in other domestic valve production bases.

3, the shortage of Yongjia valve

3.1, small investment in scientific research

At present, there are few scientific research institutions in Yongjia valve industry, the number of scientific research personnel is less than 3% of the number of employees, and the research and development capability is weak. It basically stays at the level of experience design, mapping and imitation, digestion and absorption. The scientific and technical personnel of production enterprises can only cope with production and processing. Lack of necessary research methods makes product development slower, or it can only be done with reference to some structures and prototypes at home and abroad for some digestion and absorption work, and real product development work is rare. According to the internationally accepted practice, 4% of scientific research can only barely maintain production, so research and development can't keep up with development, which is the main shortcoming of Yongjia valve industry.

3.2, product quality

The actual quality level of Yongjia valve products is still lower than the requirements of national standards, such as the wall thickness of blanks, the surface quality of castings, the materials used, the processing precision, the heat treatment, etc. The leakage of general valves is still serious. Some valves are not guaranteed in an overhaul period. Work reliably inside.

The quality of Yongjia valve products is mainly restricted by technology and low cost. The product design is backward and has not changed for many years. The new product development capability is weak, and the specifications and varieties follow the others, and cannot meet the technical requirements of various industries. Products in tracking domestic and foreign technology development, process development is not enough, manufacturing process is backward, product improvement is mainly considered in the cost reduction, no attention to quality improvement, thus forming a qualitative leap of product quality, let alone catch up Super domestic and foreign levels.

3.3, enterprise management

The management level of most production enterprises of Yongjia Valve is relatively low. The production planning, finance, technology and quality of the enterprise are still in the diligent management and experience management mode, lacking modern management methods. Some companies have been blindly launched, developing too fast, too much, and losing management. Some enterprises do not compete in the industry and take opportunistic measures to disrupt the market and adversely affect the development of Yongjia valve industry.

Third, development ideas

     Because of its wide range of applications and large demand, valves are indispensable in economic construction and people's lives. In combination with domestic and foreign valve manufacturing models and market demands, it is necessary for Yongjia Valve to form a new type of manufacturing system. The following is my own. Suggestion, for reference only:

1. Going abroad: Guided by the government, research abroad, and strive for several valve companies from Yongjia to buy and share some well-known valve companies abroad, or to establish a valve company abroad, directly participate in the operation and management of foreign valve companies, make full use of The long history of valve history and advanced technology in Europe and America drive the improvement of Yongjia valve technology level; make full use of the market of oil countries in the Middle East and expand the sales channels of Yongjia valve products.

2, increase scientific research investment: Yongjia valve industry has a common feature is that product development and sales services are small, the middle of mechanical processing (the industry referred to as "olive"). With the deepening reform of the national scientific research system and the fierce market competition, Yongjia valve enterprises should increase the intensity of scientific research and development, because only in the development of products, scientific research and other aspects of the attention, increase investment, in order to grasp the advantages and strive for initiative right. If the technology of the product lags behind others, there is no competition at all. The simple price competition has proved to be ineffective in recent years. Yongjia Valve still has a lot of room for development in technology development.

    While increasing R&D efforts, Yongjia valve enterprises should vigorously cultivate their own strength, pay attention to the construction of scientific research talents, strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions, extensively participate in domestic and foreign technical exchanges, continuously develop and enterprising, and transform manufacturing equipment that restricts the improvement of product quality. The test and testing methods, while taking into account the application of new materials, new technologies and new processes, develop products with independent intellectual property rights, and comprehensively improve the product grade and market competitiveness of Yongjia Valve.

    3. Adjustment structure: There must be large-scale, professional, supporting and export-oriented enterprises in the structure of the enterprise; in the production process, there must be hot processing (casting, forging), heat treatment, electroplating, packaging and so on. Each type of enterprise must have its own expertise, and can choose its development orientation from two aspects. First, according to the varieties: such as ball valve factory, globe valve factory, butterfly valve factory, stainless steel valve factory, small diameter valve factory, large diameter valve factory, valve accessory factory, etc. The second is to specialize in a certain user field, such as valves for oil and gas, valves for oil and long-distance pipelines, and valves for systems such as ethylene engineering. Each enterprise adjusts its product structure according to the funds, technology, equipment, talents and familiar users of the factory, selecting the variety and service market, and rational positioning.

If the Yongjia valve industry concentrates on specialized production, its quality, cost and efficiency will be better. In terms of technology, each enterprise should select the appropriate market according to its own conditions. There are high production technology, but also ordinary production; there are general-purpose valves with a large production volume, and only a special special valve is produced. Valves at all levels have a large market. Enterprises with strong development strength and strong strength should develop valves with high technical content, strict requirements for use, and difficulty in manufacturing, until the complete supply. All companies must develop more directional products, even traditional products, around the market. There is a big market for quality.

The valve industry is the pillar industry of Yongjia, for the survival and development of the enterprises in Yongjia valve industry; in order to improve the competitiveness of Yongjia Valve in the domestic and foreign markets, we must look to the world, accelerate technological innovation, adjust product structure and internal structure, and form as soon as possible. Different production types, different characteristics of products, the establishment of new models of valve industry with different levels, different markets and Yongjia characteristics, and create a new glory of Yongjia valve.

About the author: Ge Chenxin, male, born in 1959, Zhejiang Yongjia people, senior engineer of Luofu Valve Group Co., Ltd., member of National Safety Pressure Relief Device Standard Committee, Wenzhou (Pump Valve Industry) first round famous master, Yongjia County third The professional talents of the round and the editorial board of the "Valve" magazine have long been engaged in the research of valve design and manufacturing and valve products.