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Detailed Troubleshooting Reasons And Simple Treatment Methods For Safety Valve
Dec 07, 2018

Detailed troubleshooting reasons and simple treatment methods for safety valve 

1. The safety valve opens when the specified pressure is not reached, because the spring constant pressure value is lower than the specified pressure value.

Treatment method: should be re-pressed; after long-term use, the spring fails, the elastic force is not enough, the spring should be replaced.


2. The safety valve does not open after the specified pressure is reached. The reason is that there is rust between the valve core and the valve seat.


Treatment method: It can be used for manual test elimination. If the spring constant pressure exceeds the specified pressure value, the pressure should be re-pressed.


3. The safety valve leaks and leaks oil. The main reason is that the contact surface between the valve core and the valve seat is not tight. There is oil, dust, etc. between the valve core and the valve seat, which affects the adhesion. The stem is deflected, causing the spool to be misaligned.


Treatment method: remove the oil stain, dust and other things between the valve core and the valve seat; use the explosion-proof tool to strike the valve body of the safety valve to make the valve stem square and the valve core return to the center.

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