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The selection of safety valve should be considered what are the factors
Nov 23, 2017

(1) the selection of safety valve structure mainly depends on the process conditions of the equipment and the characteristics of the working medium. In general, boilers and pressure vessels mostly use spring-loaded safety valves. For toxic, flammable and explosive media, the closed safety valve is selected. Boiler and high pressure vessel, as well as medium and low pressure vessel with large safety discharge volume and small wall thickness, it is better to use full open type safety valve.

(2) the maximum allowable working pressure of boiler and pressure vessel should be considered in the working range of safety valve.

(3) the displacement of the safety valve must be greater than the safety discharge capacity of the equipment, in order to ensure the boiler or pressure vessel overpressure, the opening of the safety valve can timely discharge part of the medium, to avoid the pressure in the device continues to rise. (4) for the boiler safety valve, the total displacement must be greater than the maximum continuous evaporation of the boiler, and after the safety valve of the drum and superheater is opened, the steam pressure in the boiler shall not exceed 1.1 times of the design pressure.