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Teach you how to choose safety valve
Nov 23, 2017

Nominal pressure is determined by the operating pressure of the safety valve, temperature determined by the operating temperature range of safety valve, the constant pressure value of constant pressure spring or lever determine the scope of the calculated safety valve, according to the decision to use media materials and structure type safety valve, safety valve leakage calculated safety valve throat according to the size of. How to choose the following.

(L) hot water boiler is usually not closed with wrench micro start safety valve.

(2) steam boiler or steam pipe is usually not closed with wrench, full open safety valve.

(3) a closed micro lift safety valve or a safety relief valve is usually used in water and other liquid incompressible media.

(4) high pressure water supply usually uses closed full swing safety valve, such as high pressure feed water heater, heat exchanger, etc..

(5) gas and other compressible medium generally use closed full open safety valve, such as gas tank, gas pipeline, etc..

(6) the static weight safety valve is generally used in E steam boilers.

(7) large diameter, large displacement and high pressure system generally use pulse type safety valve, such as temperature reducing and pressure reducing device, power plant boiler, etc..

(8) the internal safety valve is usually used for the tank car, the tank car and the storage tank for transporting liquefied petroleum gas.

(9) the hydraulic safety valve is usually used at the top of the tank, and it should be used in conjunction with the breathing valve.

(10) pilot safety valves are generally used for underground drainage or natural gas pipelines.

(11) the safety return valve is usually used in the liquid return pipeline of the tank pump outlet of the LPG station.

(12) negative pressure or negative pressure may occur during operation. Vacuum negative pressure relief valve is usually used.

(13) the corrugated pipe safety valve is usually used in the container and piping system with big back pressure fluctuation and poisonous and flammable.

(14) the heat insulation jacket type safety valve is usually used in the system with lower solidification point.