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Safety valve which will appear when using the failure
Nov 23, 2017

In the normal use of the safety valve and calibration, will often occur and find a variety of faults, the main cause of the failure is the design, manufacture, selection or improper use. If these failures are not eliminated in time, it will affect the efficacy and life of the valve, and even can not play a role in safety protection. The common faults and elimination methods are as follows:

1, leakage. Under the normal working pressure of the equipment, the leakage between the valve seat and the sealing surface of the valve seat exceeds the allowable degree. The reason is: there is dirt between the valve seat and the sealing surface of the valve seat. You can use the lifting wrench to open the valve a few times, the dirt rushed; sealing surface damage. According to the degree of damage, grinding or turning grinding method to repair; stem bending, tilt or lever and fulcrum deviation, so that the spool and valve dislocation. Should be reassembled or replaced; spring elasticity reduces or loses elasticity. Measures should be taken to replace the spring and readjust the opening pressure.

2, do not open to the specified pressure. The reason for this is that the pressure is not allowed. The amount of compression or the position of the hammer should be readjusted, and the valve seat and the valve seat must adhere to each other. The safety valve shall be manually discharged or discharged at regular intervals; the lever of the lever type safety valve is jammed or the heavy hammer is moved. The position of the hammer should be re adjusted and the lever can move freely.

3, less than the required pressure to open. The main reason is the constant pressure is not allowed; the spring aging elasticity drops. Screw or replace spring should be tightened properly.

4, the pressure continues to rise after the exhaust. This is mainly because the safety valve displacement with Xiaoping equipment safety discharge, should be re select the appropriate safety valve; the valve stem rust midline or spring, so that the valve can not open to a certain height, the stem should be re assembled or replace the spring; exhaust pipe section has not, should be taken to meet the safety area of the exhaust emissions tube.

5, valve frequency jump or vibration. The main reason is that the spring stiffness is too large. The spring with proper stiffness should be used, and the pressure of the seat back should be too high due to improper adjustment of the adjusting ring. The position of regulating ring should be re adjusted; the excessive resistance of the discharge pipe will result in excessive discharge back pressure. Discharge piping resistance should be reduced.

6, the valve does not return seat after discharge. This is mainly caused by the spring bending stem and the valve seat not installed properly or jammed. It should be reassembled.