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Need to regularly remove the safety valve testing cleaning
Nov 23, 2017

As the name suggests is to ensure the safety valve of pressure pipeline and pressure vessel safety critical application security, in order to ensure the normal work of safety valve and prolong service life of safety valve, safety valve in use should be regularly check the operation of the leaks, blocked and spring abnormal phenomenon such as corrosion, and observe the adjusting sleeve and adjustment ring screw locking nut is loose, if found the problem promptly take appropriate maintenance measures.

The safety valve is removed regularly and cleaned thoroughly, inspected, re grinded and adjusted before re use. The safety valve installed outdoors should take appropriate protective measures to prevent rain, fog, dust, rust and other dirt intrusion into the safety valve and discharge pipe, when the environment is below zero degrees Celsius, it should also take the necessary antifreeze measures to ensure the reliability of the safety valve action. This kind of valve should be installed correctly according to the working condition in the pipeline.